Galloways are a dominant hornless cow breed. They originated from southwest scotland. They are peaceful, have a strong herd bond, are person-oriented, have pronounced natural instincts and very good motherly characteristics. They are frugal and resilient.

These beautiful animals, mostly female and pregnant cows, were going to be slaughtered and get rid of. After long negotiation we bought these animals to give them back their freedom in December 2019. They have been living with us since then, without worries. Not long after, 8 baby calves were born. Every single one of them has their own special characteristics. To experience their sensibility towards each other with their funny and stubborn episodes, their tenderness as a family, brings a warmth to heart every time. The headcount is now at 22 Galloways.

Adorno, Theodor W. (1903-1969)

Sociologist, philosopher, music theorist and composer

  • Auschwitz begins, where someone stands in a slaughterhouse and says they are only animals.

Bach, Dr. Edward (1886-1936) 

Invented the Bach-Blüten-Therapy

  • Humanity is already deeply indebted to the animal kingdom, whose members it has tormented and destroyed.

Darwin, Charles (1809-1882)

British Naturalist

  • We do not love to consider animals, that we have made our slaves, as equals.
  • Just like humans, animals feel joy and pain, happiness and unhappiness.

Aurore, Dupin (1804-1876)

Synonym for: George Sand; french author, friend of Franz Liszt and Frédéric Chopin

  • It will be a great step forward in the development of our race [she means: the human race] when we become fruit eaters and the meat eaters disappear from the earth. Everything becomes possible on our planet from the moment we overcome the bloody meat meals and the war.

Brecht, Bertolt (1898-1956)

  • What disease could be as dangerous as the human is?

Bruker, Dr. med. M. O. (1909-2001)

Doctor for inner medicine and founder of the GGB

  • In the university education of medical professionals, knowledge of the connections between malnutrition and the diseases resulting from it is excluded. This scandalous grievance has not yet been remedied.
  • Us doctors are not trained in the connections between nutrition and illness at university. It sounds incredible, but it’s true.

Buddha, Gautama (-560–480)

  • May beings all live happily, and may evil strike no one. May our whole lives be of help to others! Every being shuns torment and everyone is dear to their life. Know yourself in every being and do not torment or kill.

Busch, Wilhelm (1832-1908)

German poet and artist

  • Bis auf weiters Das Messer blitzt, die Schweine schrein, Man muss sie halt benutzen, Denn jeder denkt “Wozu das Schwein, Wenn wir es nicht verputzen?” Und jeder schmunzelt, jeder nagt Nach Art der Kannibalen, Bis man dereinst “Pfui Teufel!” sagt Zum Schinken aus Westfalen.
  • True human culture only exists when not only cannibalism, but every kind of meat consumption is considered cannibalism.

Bardot, Brigitte *1934

French movie actress, animal rights activist

  • Violence is not our thing, on the contrary – we fight it with determination. It lies in the ruthless, cruel and everyday exploitation of millions of animals, that are degraded to consumer goods, to tools of research, and whose real nature as beings capable of suffering is suppressed.

Treating our fellow socially intelligent creatures, who are at our mercy, like objects, needs to stop. There is nothing better than the experience of living happily together with cows, horses, pigs, sheep, donkeys and many more.

Pictures of the recovery of the Galloway

Our Galloways in freedom