140711_001_ppI was already infected at a young age with the horse virus. At the age of 6 I had my first horse riding lessons. From then on, i have ridden regularly diverse breeds and age classes. When I was 13 I met for the first time during summer holidays in Spain the horses of the Spanish breeding and falled in love for them. This sublime, proud, fine and sensitive animals captured immediately my immagination. This expressiveness, their beauty and the strength of a good character have let me dreaming about my own Spanish horse. After 10 years of occupational horse riding break in 2010, my childhood dream come true, once I have been fallen irrevocably in love for the Stallion Deseado de la cruz from the studfarm (Yeguada) Roig Bergado- Hierro de la cruz. With a lot of patience, floor work, solid-based consistent work and horse-appropriate husbandry, Deseado and I today established a close partnership, standing in a “we”.

The pure Cartujanos are almost no longer existing, what let taking me and my family, meanwhile also highly infected, the decision to buy still more pure Cartujana mares and then cover them by Deseado. We would like to make a small contribution to the preservation of pure Cartujanos with this.

My collaboration with the horse is individual. I work and educate not only after textbooks. Yes, I train with method, but I do not have any dogma. I’m always open to good and new approaches. I am questioning. My principles are following the old riding masters: Xenophon and Francois Robichon de la Guérinière. Great approaches I found also among the Equine awareness method by Linda Tellington, and the areas of horsemanship.

I am a registered breeder in the Spanish Horse Stud Book (LG ANCCE).

8a544ad4a4ee8c8b164ff38a3f700f5a35f3805cbf7f27d8ec0bb4e455e5dab1_icpdf Certificate of qualification (AWA §2)